Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is it to be, or is it to not be, that is the question

I have been reading today this opensimulator mantis item. It is a now thing and very pertinent to events transpiring all over Opensim and its derivatives.

The issue of content perms has increasingly become of more discussion. I think this is a naturally evolving thing due to the increasingly more commercial type grids using the Hypergrid.

It is understandable.

Those newish grid owners connected via the Hypergrid want to give protection to their creators, those self-same creators who for the most part are really not truly aware of all the ramifications.

A growing segment of creators has gone to the trouble of making themselves aware...another segment of creators only listen to what their grid owners (and other people they feel are authoritative and all-knowing). tell them.

I really don't like discussing perms issues. To me they always cause drama and are filled with all sorts of disinformation that I do consider some creators would rather opt out of even putting their creations in any opensim environment.

But this is very timely, these current discussions on how things will end up and that for some people might be so restrictive and to cause them to leave.

Since core OpenSim is merging Avination code with core (Avination, though currently down, is a closed commercial grid....maybe that will change due to all this, time will tell) it is expected perms issues would be forefront in all pertinent aspects.

Finding a compromise is important and I would like to see more people involving themselves in this very thing that the specific mantis is discussing.

I freely admit that for my own personal enjoyment of opensim I prefer what we call the free meta, with hypergrid enabled. I know a lot of people who feel similarly. So I reside, in what I call my base grid since I hypergate often, in the Metropolis Metaversum grid which is a non-profit and there is no grid currency.

It lends itself to much less drama, much less points of contention, and allows more individual expression...more quality time to just relax and enjoy whatever one wants to enjoy.

Then there are the many self-run grids of all sorts of nature, who have among their grid people who are like minded, and this is good.

One of the issues brought up is the old story of people from opensim going to SL, stealing stuff, then selling it or just giving it away.

While of course as part of being human there are those who would do such things, it is hardly common, so much so that I haven't personally noticed any...though I am not a content police...I could miss some.

The thing I more notice is some SL creators bringing their things out to Opensim, either setting it for free as copy/take or buy for -0-, or selling it in various grids of the commercial type or using the Kitely Market.

It seems somehow that those creators simply cannot fathom that a SL person, current or expatriate, would give their creations away.

It is not my interest to go into the Kitely market all that much. The thing to notice with it, however, is that creators actually have more choices to make money than ANYplace else. So much so that some who use it are making quite a bit of money and those who listen to misinformation are just left to complain that they are not selling much so they have to scale down.

I have actually read creators saying that in one grids forums. I don't get it, I really don't. But look at this one creator on the Kitely market who epitomizes the basic truths of the matter. Heart Botanicals was once, and probably still in some places, an example used by some people to show how SL content is ripped to opensim.

Rather than them try chasing all the reports, getting all upset about it, adding drama, they opted for a better way...why not make some money that they otherwise did not get? So they make all their content exportable, the hyperverse gets to have legally available content and it is a win-win.

Of course some would say it "can" still be ripped, but the fact remains that even if it is (and there are no reports of this) they are making a good income that they did not have before. There are other examples there.

Why be a creator who wants to sell their content (many don't and give it all for free all across the Hyperverse) and limit yourselves in making money? I don't get it really.

One of the reporters on the mantis says:

"Mandarinka Tasty (reporter)
2017-01-18 00:41
edited on: 2017-01-18 01:00
PS: When you check original source of 95% of animations in OpenSim, you mostly find them in SL. why ? Because person has bought our ao at Vista, and has become an owner of the hud, that gives permission to upload them in Opensim?
But almost everyone does that and that is not fair."

This person, who apparently owns Vista animations which is a well-known creator in SL and some other closed systems, misses the point I think.

For sure I can believe, as she says so, that some of their animations are out "in the wild" having been stolen. But she misses three major things. One is that since someone stole them from SL (and wherever else they are in) the problem is not opensim, the problem is the grid they are in not enabling enough protective measures to stop such things.

There is no need to blame a result of something that is a cause and effect situation. I know why some say this though, they know they cannot get SL to fix it, so they find a scapegoat to express their anger at.

Most of opensim is not commercial. Stealing content and taking it to such places would gain the thieves nothing. There is no monetary gain. The best such people can do, and it is well known that they do, is sell on the SL Market.

The other point is that she apparently either does not know of the Kitely Market or she has been fed so much disinformation she won't even fact check for herself. Why not just put your creations there and make money selling to the honest people who want legal content? The fact is that most people are honest, thieves are always the exception to the rule. It makes no sense to it that they just like drama?

But I am not picking on her, just the entire concept of the thing.

Finally, what I would like to see is options, in this and with everything else OpenSim....options = free choice, and I am very much a freedom lover.


(ed. coming on the heels of this article I read about some more salient talk concerning some of my concerns.....Thirza is very smart-)) click this)