Friday, August 26, 2016

My slice of the Hyperverse in VR OpenSim

My Metropolis 4x4 varregion is now finished and ready for visitors.

I decided to use a place in the Robert Jordan series of books "The Wheel of Time" called "Rhuidean" as my muse.

I don't pretend to be much of a creator nor all that Artistically inclined but I think the creation went well.

My new region name is to imply that "yes we can" do so much in Opensim. From cross grid collaborations to Artistic builds only limited by our imaginations

My landing point has several items of interest, including all VisionZ racks since the magazine started, 3 hypergrid blamgates to large HG Hubs, a free translator created by Magnuz Binder ( a resident of Metropolis Metaversum grid), several mesh statues Aine Caoimhe so nicely shares and several items referring to Opensim hypergrid connected places.

Low prims and few scripts make the trip much easier to explore.

Feel free to drop by anytime -;)

My opensimworld page.

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