Sunday, July 24, 2016

OARs and OpenSim Virtual Reality ( VR )

Selby Evans reminds us of some good points about OARs.

This page of his highlights Kitely's tech on the matter which is above and beyond what any others allow as a commercial grid, but part of the Hyperverse, and these things are important for users to be aware of.

He also points out OARs V.9 options in other places (as of this writing OAR info) (basic OAR commands).

Any grid owner who is not allowing OARs is doing a great disservice to it's customers. OARs can be filtered in all sorts of ways.
If the --perm option is specified then objects with insufficient permissions will not be saved to the OAR. The user whose permissions are checked is the estate owner. This can be useful for grids that allow their customers to export their regions to OARs, because it ensures that exporting to OAR can't be used to bypass content permissions.
<permissions> specifies which permissions are required. It's a string that contains one or more of these characters:
"C" = Copy
"T" = Transfer
save oar --perm=CT my.oar
Say, for example, your grid owners and/or tech people say they will not do this due to permissions issues. Simply tell them they can create the OARs where certain permission types are not included. It can all be automated, as Kitely does, if the grid is tech savvy enough (or will pay tech savvy people to do it).

Say you have this region where much of the content you created yourself, but some you bought. Just filter out those items by perms or if you did not create them or if you are not the owner of them, etc.

Then you will have all your stuff saved, in the locations where they sit, with land settings intact, with terrain intact, which you can then use in your own local instance of opensim to work on or even move to another grid who will allow you to upload the OAR.

This is a bit simplistic but which abilities this allows for many things such as more freedom from lock-in that some commercial grids want but also to the ability to make OARs for various purposes (eg a Club OAR, an Art OAR, an OAR to sell, etc.) which you can load up when needed.

The Metropolis Grid, for example, if you rent land from them, has 10 days of OAR backups saved and allows OAR upload/downloads as well as IARs from their website interface and ftp client. (the region main page)

Kitely offers filtered OARs and it is a simple and low cost way to see how this works, as it is, afaik, the single grid to do this of the commercial currency types. Rent land towards the end of the month and it will be pro-rated, and after seeing how they do this, and other things, you can go ahead and rent monthly or not.

People who run their own simulators can, of course, via the opensimulator console, enter direct commands with OARs, IARs and many other things.

opensim console example
In other words, grids who allow OARs have a more enlightened approach to opensim giving more freedom and control to the users which, frankly, if you use a grid who does not offer such things as a given, you would do yourselves a favor by looking around at other offers.

There is absolutely no reason nowadays for a grid to disallow OARs when they can be filtered in various regards.

Why let some grids control your freedom to move and try to keep you in their grid only.

Be well, be free, have fun!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Firestorm viewer Jira report

Update: this has been resolved as noted here.

This was recently reported. It concerns the movement box. It would especially be nice to have it resizable for those of us with vision issues.

It is hard to not only move it but to catch the movement controls. It appears this is the only (but I didn't look to hard) such box that cannot be resized.

If anyone one else is interested in having this done, do please make an account on the jira and add your comment.

Here is the catchall report