Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Region Creations Specials

As of November 2016 my payloadz account is closed. Payloadz is where I used their shopping cart system to sell my terrains. They changed their business model and no longer allowed free accounts. Since I had stopped promoting my terrains I did not sell enough to cover the fee. Previously they had allowed me to give them a percentage of the sales.

Buy 2 OpenSim full region terrains & I will send you any other one you request. [extended indefinitely]

.::Three for the price of two::.

All single region Terrains are only 5 USD

  •   Fully Guaranteed. Contact me for any questions.
  •   Well known throughout the Metaverse for honest Service.
  •   Several years experience terraforming small to multi-region projects.
  •   You will have the 832 kb file in your computer to use anywhere you wish.
  •   Save yourself time! - Save yourself money!
  •   As of 15 October 2014 all proceeds will be donated to various non-profits.

Your vision ~ Your way.

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What customers are saying about my work...

Dagon Xanith: Thanks for making the island. Its absolutely beautiful:)
Ervare Farroretre: thanks for the volcano. It is now used in the 'artXploder' 2013 competition as you can see in facebook.
virtual christine: Hello my dearest dears! This is a thank you, and heart recommendation, followed by a standing ovation, for the outstanding service, astonishingly reasonable pricing, and artistic vision of Minethere Always' Region Creations!
I have decided that a 3 x 3 sim of standard regions offers the optimal way to present Belfast to those that have never been there. Minethere understood this and her landscaping of the Cave Hill reflects this. It had to be fitted into one standard region but retain the majestic impression of the RL place. Minethere did a one region version that would fit but still look accurate from the centre of Belfast. This was all an environment for the Floral Hall.
Sunbeam Magic: Miney has done terrains for me and done some for many friends. She "ALWAYS" stands by her work! Terra can be a real bitch, let an expert make your dream land beautiful and smooth.
Marisa Giancarla: We have had Minethere Always create several terrains for us and the results have always been excellent. If you need the job done right and on time she can’t be beat!

What is your vision today? Which will you choose?

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